ChessKidsNation May Month ONLINE Chess Tournament – US Chess Online Rated Event

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ChessKidsNation May Month ONLINE Chess Tournament – US Chess Online Rated Event

Date and Time:

Saturday, April 24, 2020 at 10:00 am Central.  This event is open to everyone. Current US Chess membership is required (you may join or renew your membership here).


Prizes will be distributed in Amazon Gift Cards. Prizes may take up to a week after the event concludes as games need to be checked for fair play violations. These checks are done through the proprietary methods used by lichess and independent analysis by tournament organizers.


$20. Please provide the correct email address during registration: link and password for the tournament will be emailed to that address. If you did not receive email containing the tournament link and password by 8:00am on Saturday (20th April 2021), please contact the organizers at

Online at lichess (All players must have current US Chess Membership)

Tournament Sections:

K-3 (for players in grades Kindergarten to grade 3; played on lichess)

K-6 (for players in grades Kindergarten to grade 6; played on lichess)

K-12 (for players in grades Kindergarten to grade 12; played on lichess)


G/25+5. All three sections are a 5-round Swiss. Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be paired 2 minutes after completion of the final game in the section. You must be logged in to lichess and have joined the tournament to be paired.

Tournament Schedule

K-3, K-6 and K-12 will be played on lichess

Date   Day    Time    Format
04/24/2021  Saturday 10 am Central  5 rounds;     G/25;+5

Tournament Format:

  • K-3, K-6 and K-12 5 rounds of G/25;+5. Rounds will be paired consecutively after every game is completed from the previous round. There are no breaks between rounds.
  • Pairings based on a player’s lichess rapid rating (not US Chess rating).
  • Tournament paired based on Swiss tournament pairing rules.
  • Pairings are done automatically by the lichess system and cannot be changed.
  • Tournament prizes paid 3-6 after the tournament to allow for games to be screened for fair play.
  • Tournament is expected to last about 5 hours.

Registration Details:

  • Open to all. Current US Chess membership is required (you may join or renew your membership here).
  • Entry fee is: $20 till April 20th.
  • ChessKidsStudents use Coupon Code “CKNStudent” to get $5 off.
  • Register for the tournament at:
  • Players must have a lichess account (if you do not have one, you must create one
  • Players to join after registering.
  • Registration closes on April 20, 2021.

How to Join a Tournament:

  • Tournament link will be shared the day before the tournament.
  • Players are advised to participate in the tournament from a computer. It is not recommended to play on a phone or mobile device.
  • Players are advised to join the tournament 20-30 minutes early. If you join at the last minute it may be too late to resolve any technical issues that you have.
  • Players may be able to join the tournament late, but will receive zero points for any missed rounds. Limited late entry is available but is not guaranteed.
  • The tournament starts at 10 am Central SHARP.
  • Reentry is not available.
  • ChessKidsNation is not responsible for wifi connection or technical issues.

Fair Play

  • Players may be required to join the Zoom call for the duration of the tournament in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • ChessKidsNation reserves the right to ask players to share their computer screen during the tournament.
  •  Tournament games will be reviewed by lichess and ChessKidsNation tournament staff. ChessKidsNation reserves the right to interview players after the tournament to determine prize eligibility.
  • Computers and outside help are not allowed.
  • Players found in violation of Fair Play policies are not eligible for prize and will be removed from ChessKidsNation team.
  • Parents, please have your player watch lichess Fair Play and help them understand that it’s just not worth it!


K-3, K-6, K-12:

1st: $20 Amazon Gift Card

2nd: $15 Amazon Gift Card

3rd: $10 Amazon Gift Card