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ChessKidsNation is a nationwide Chess tutoring establishment staffed by trained Chess Coaches, working for the benefit of chess community to promote chess throughout the country.

Learn Chess openings, Middle game (Tactics, Strategies), and Endgame Techniques from a variety of experienced Chess coaches from the comfort of your home. Sign up to schedule a FREE evaluation and choose an Online Chess Coach to match your level. Contact us for After School Programs, Individual, Group and Online Chess Classes.




ChessKidsNation is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF), which is the national sanctioning body for chess tournaments, and a primary general chess resource. Balagee Govindan (USCF Certified Chess Coach)has had an abiding passion for chess since his days as a youth in Chennai , India . Now, he’s hoping to instill that same passion through Online Chess Training. Govindan learned the game from his uncle when he was about 16 years old. Back home in Chennai, he made his own chess boards, painting checkered squares onto planks of wood.

Now a Hoover resident in Alabama taught his son, Vikhram Balagee, to play in the summer of 2005 while Vikhram’s friends were away on vacation. Vikhram was only about 6 years old, but he showed “tremendous interest,”. Together, the two began traveling to competitions around the Southeast in USA, bringing home a slew of awards, including the Alabama State Championship.

Along the way, friends began asking Govindan to teach their children, and what started as a fun father-son activity quickly became a thriving community program. Starting 2006, Govindan has held regular coaching sessions at his home in Deer Valley each Friday and Sunday for kids of all ages, and even some parents.

ChessKidsNation offers separate classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. So far ChessKidsNation has trained 750 students. Currently about 140 students learn Chess every week. Govindan said chess, which originated in India in the sixth century B.C., teaches discipline and time management and improves math skills and confidence. Life, he said, is a lot like chess. “We have to make every move based on some analysis, some judgment.”

In addition to Class Room Chess Classes in Hoover, Alabama, USA, ChessKidsNation offers After School Programs, Individual, Group and Online Classes.