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Name: Cesar Juarez

When you have kids growing up in that age called adolescence, it is very difficult to find an activity that can captivate their attention and goals. Coach Balagee has taught my son, not only to have self control of himself, he learnt a new passion and interest in his life. We have been participating in different tournaments and the dedication, interest and compromise of his coach has been always above expectations. If you want your child to learn something for the rest of his/her life, give them the opportunity to play chess at ChessKidsNation and you will realize of all the potential hidden in the mind. ”

Name: Dee Nance, Superintendent of Hoover Parks

ChessKidsNation’s Chess program is a first for the Recreation Center. When people think of parks and recreation, they often think of athletics. But “not everybody’s athletic, and ChessKidsNation Chess Program might reach a whole group of people we haven’t been serving.”

Name: Rakhi Mukherjee

Chess was completely new to my 8-year-old daughter, Urmi Roy, when she started learning from Govindan last year, but today Urmi enjoys chess and often plays on her own online. Urmi’s concentration has improved since she began to play, and best of all, she watches less television.

Name: Dr.Neeraj Verma

My son Atreya, a 10-year-old student at Liberty Park Middle School in Vestavia Hills, has been learning from Govindan for a year and a half and has traveled to tournaments in Huntsville, Montgomery and other cities as part of Govindan’s chess team. “You name it, we have been there,” Through chess, Atreya’s analytical skills have improved, along with his concentration and “an ability to read between the lines and look into things, and think four to five steps ahead,”

Name: Andre Duras Francois Philifdor

Before I knew chess, I was ignorant, doltish; before I knew chess, people shunned me like a corpse in the street; before I knew chess, instead of chess, I would play video games–and despair–despair of life, of friends, of happiness, of God. But, after I started to play chess, my grades in school improved from F’s to A’s. After I started to play chess, people started to llike, admire, trust me. After I started to play chess, I threw away my game cube and gave glory to God for the exhiliration of existence and for such a wonderful, beautiful game! In the Chesskidsnation I have found the competition, the friendship, the support that I lacked in my former revelries. For your support I give thanks first to Heaven, but then to you. Thank You for such an astonishing chess program of power!

Name: Gaurav Bansal

Dhruv stood 1st (6 rounds K3) in Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation (WSCF) Tournament held in Sheboygan Jan 28th by winning all 6 games. He stood 3rd (6 rounds K3 division) in WSCF Tournament held in Glendale (Milwaukee), Wisconsin on 4th Feb by scoring 4.5 out of possible 6 points. He stood 4th (6 rounds K3) in WSCF Tournament held in Kohler, Wisconsin on 11th Feb by scoring 4.5 out of possible 6 points. Here’s the update on Ashna Bansal’s performance: She stood 4th (6 rounds K6 division) in WSCF Tournament held in Glendale (Milwaukee), Wisconsin on 4th Feb by scoring 4.5 out of possible 6 points. We convey our sincere thanks to you for being their Coach and helping them.