Team USA

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Year 2014

Team USA:
Rochelle Wu, Age 8 ChessKidsNation Student got selected to represent Team USA in World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa and tied for Third Place.

Top 100 Players National ranking

Year 2013

Age 8 Rishith Susarla – 9th Place – CKN Online Student from California

Age 7 Hemachandra Rambha – 40th Place – CKN online Student from Tennessee

Year 2008

Age 8 Vikhram Balagee – 90th Place – CKN Student from Alabama

Top 100 Players State ranking

Alabama Top Players Ranking List
The following Players from ChessKidsNation ranks top 100 in the state Regardless of their age.

  • Sijing Wu – 39th Place
  • Vikhram Balagee – 43rd Place
  • Rochelle Wu – 51st Place
  • Colin Bamford – 57th Place
  • Samson Sands – 62nd Place
  • Kapil Nathan – 87th Place

2013 Chess Magnet Junior Grand Prix Top Standings

Alabama State Ranking Top 10 players List

  • Vikhram Balagee – 6th Place
  • Sijing Wu – 8th Place
  • Atreya Verma – 10th place

2013 US Youth Games
Our students had a great tournament in 2013 US Youth Games Chess Tournament.

Primary (Under 10)

  • Individual – Kapil Nathan (2nd Place on Tiebreak)
  • Team – First Place (Kapil Nathan, Eshika Kudaravalli, Rahul Boddupalli, Matthias Rathbun, Claire Jun)

Jr. High (Under 16)

  • Individual – Vikhram Balagee (First Place), Dhruval Gadhia (Second Place), Joseph Jun (Third Place)
  • Team – First Place (Vikhram Balagee, Dhruval Gadhia, Joseph Jun, Cesar Juarez)