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YEAR 2019

ChessKidsNation Students Achievements


March 02 & 03rd, 2019

ChessKidsNation players had a FANTASTIC weekend at Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championship on March 02 & 03, 2019. We WON 16 trophies in Individual Section on Saturday (March 2nd, 2019) and 5 Trophies in Team Championship on Sunday (March 03, 2019). Our Players won FIVE FIRST PLACE Trophies in Individual Championship and THREE FIRST PLACE Trophies in Team Championship. This is ONE of the BEST tournaments for ChessKidsNation players. CONGRATS to all our players and winners.


Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championships – March 02 & 03, 2019

ChessKidsNation Winners

Individual Championship





First Place

Parker Liu


Third Place

Samuel Baskarraj


Fifth Place

Roger Ruiz




K-6 U600

First Place

Sarah Pater


Fourth Place

Saketh Pondugula


Fifth Place

Raymond Liu





First Place

Sarvagna Velidandla


Second Place

Sai Korrapati




K-8 U 800

First Place

Advitiya Kana


Second Place

Surya Ramamurthy


Fourth Place

Bhavesh Garlapati


Fifth Place

Mokun Ojesina


Fifth Place Tied

Sanjana Gaddamanugu




Open U1000

First Place

Snekha Rajasekaran


Second Place

Albert Chen


Fourth Place

Michael Kennedy


Fifth Place

Aditya Pippala





Fifth Place Tied

Kapil Nathan


ChessKidsNation Winners

Team Championship

Primary (K-3) Club

First Place

ChessKidsNation Team A



Prabhas Garlapati



Sarah Peter



Saikarunya Kesireddy



Adithya Mohanraj





Second Place

ChessKidsNation Team B



Raymond Liu



Moranu Adedoyin



Timothy Lawson



Harsha Bheemanathini



Parth Mehta




Elementary (K-6) School

Second Place

CKN Vestavia Hills Elementary Central



Samuel Baskarraj



Shreyas Keshava



Krish Chintareddy



Albert Chen




Elementary (K-6) School

First Place

ChessKidsNation Team A



Raghav Madabushi



Roger Ruiz



Parker Liu



Krish Nathan




Jr. High (K-9) Club

First Place

ChessKidsNation Team A



Sarvagna Velidandla



Kapil Nathan



Atindarah Harishankar



Sai Korrapatti



Year 2018


March 24 & 25th, 2018 

ChessKidsNation students had a GREAT and FANTASTIC Weekend at Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championships 2018 (Individual & Team). Please find below list of our players who won STATE CHAMPIONSHIP for 2018. CONGRATS to all our players and Winners. Our Special Thanks to all the parents who helped us at the championship.

Our SPECIAL Congratulations to Kapil Nathan for winning FIRST PLACE in OPEN section, Rishi Yellamraju for FIRST PLACE  in Open (U1200) Section, Samuel Baskarraj for winning  FIRST PLACE in K6-U600 Section in Individual Championship.

In the TEAM Championship, our team won following sections

  • FIRST in Primary Club Team
  • SECOND and THIRD PLACE in Primary School Team
  • FIRST in Elementary Club Team
  • SECOND in Elementary Club Team
  • SECOND in Jr. High School Team
  • FIRST in Jr. High School Team
  • FIRST in Jr. High School Team

In Both Team and Individual championship, ChessKidsNation players won 23 Trophies which is a record for us and our ALL GIRLS team won Second Place in Jr. High. In K12 U1000 Our ChessKidsNation players won all the TOP 5 places which are also a record for us.

TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – ChessKidsNation Winners List

Primary K-3 Club

  • First Place 
    • Akhil Batchu
    • Shreyas Keshava
    • Daniel Seewald
    • Surya Ramamurthy

Primary K-3 School

  • Second Place – Deer Valley Elementary School 
    • Krish Nathan
    • Neil Srikantha
    • Prabhas Garlapati
    • Advitiya Kana


  • Third Place – Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy 
    • Aarush Chavar
    • Sarah Peter
    • Ansh Nair
    • Vedika Shenoy

Elementary K-3 Club

  • First Place  
    • Athindarah Hari
    • Raghav Madabushi
    • Kaushik Dheeravath
    • Michael Kennedy

Elementary K-6 School

  • Second Place – Vestavia Hills Elementary Central 
    • Parker Liu
    • Krish Chintareddy
    • Albert Chen
    • Samuel Baskarraj

Jr. High K-8 School

  • Second Place – Pizitz Middle School 
    • Sarvagna Velidandla
    • Nikhita Chintareddy
    • Cynthia Liu
    • Snekha Rajasekaran

Jr. High K-8 Club

  • First Place 
    • Sai Korrapati
    • Avanish Thota
    • Rishi Yellamraju
    • Harshil Mehta

Open Club

  • First Place 
    • Kapil Nathan
    • Krishin Yerabolu
    • Sameer Sultan
    • Rahul Boddupalli

INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP – ChessKidsNation Winners List

March 25, 2018

Our Chess players had more trophies to add on Sunday at Alabama State Scholastic Chess INDIVIDUAL Championships. We WON 15 trophies on Sunday in addition to 8 Team Trophies on Saturday, so all together we won 23 trophies this weekend which is JUST AMAZING. This Championship is ONE of the BEST tournaments for ChessKidsNation players. In K-12 Under 1000 section we won all the top five place trophies which are a record for us.  CONGRATS to all our players and winners. 




  • First Place – Kapil Nathan
  • Fifth Place – Sameer Sultan


 K-12 Under 1000

  • First Place – Rishi Yellamraju
  • Second Place – Nikhita Chintareddy
  • Third Place – Sreekrishna Chintareddy
  • Fourth place – Albert Chen
  • Fifth Place – Harshil Mehta

Jr. High K-8 Under 800

  • Fourth Place – Snekha Rajasekaran

Elementary K-6

  • Second Place – Atindarah Harishankar
  • Third Place – Raghavan Madabushi
  • Fifth Place – Kaushik Dheeravath

Elementary K-6 under 600

  • First Place – Samuel Baskarraj
  • Fifth Place – Eddy Li
  • Fifth Place (tied) – Surya Ramamurthy

Primary K-3


  • Fifth Place – Krish Nathan


Year 2017



June 11, 2017 Based on Vikhram Balagee’s performance at the Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championship and subsequent playoff today(6/11/2017), he is nominated to represent the State of Alabama at the Denker Tournament ( ) of High School Champions to be held July 29 – August 1 during the 2017 US Open in Norfolk, VA. This is a prestigious tournament in which one nominee from each state competes for national honors. We are extremely proud of Vikhram and his achievement. We are sure he will do his BEST and represent our Great State of Alabama.


March 11 & 12th, 2017 

We had a GREAT and FANTASTIC Weekend at Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championships 2017 (Individual & Team). Please find below list of our players who won STATE CHAMPIONSHIP for 2017. CONGRATS to all our players and Winners. Our Special Thanks to all the parents who helped us last two days.

Our SPECIAL Congratulations to Sarvagna for winning FIRST PLACE in Elementary (K-6) section in Individual Championship. In the TEAM Championship, our players won FIRST and SECOND PLACE in Primary Team, FIRST and SECOND PLACE in Elementary Team and in Jr. High our Bumpus School Team won SECOND PLACE in School Team Championship.

GO ChessKidsNation – Where Chess Champions come from ……


  • Elementary K-6 – Sarvagna Velidandla – FIRST PLACE
  • High Under 800 – Claire Jun – Tied for FIRST (On tiebreaks Fifth Place)
  • Open K-12 – Vikhram Balagee – Tied for SECOND (On tiebreaks Fourth Place)



  • Akhil Batchu
  • Krish Nathan
  • SreeKrishna Chintareddy
  • Shreyas Keshava


  • Albert Chen
  • Arav Halade
  • Anand Prasad
  • Siva Majeti
  • Sanjana Gaddamanugu


  • Atindrah Harishankar
  • Raghav Madabushi
  • Sai Korrapatti
  • Sidharth Doppalapudi


  • Nishant Doppalapudi
  • Raj Patel
  • Deepak Kumar
  • Kaushik Dheeravath

Jr. High – Bumpus Middle School – SECOND PLACE

  • Krishin Yerabolu
  • Kapil Nathan
  • Hayden Harding
  • Claire Jun

Year 2016

March 20, 2016

Our Chess Team had a GREAT and FANTASTIC Weekend at the Alabama Scholastic Chess Championship 2016 (Individual & Team) on March 19 & 20, 2016. Please find below our team’s STATE Winners for 2016. CONGRATS to all our players who played. Our Special Thanks to all the parents who helped us last two days.

Our SPECIAL Congratulations to Rochelle, Rahul and Sai for winning ALABAMA STATE FIRST PLACE in their section in Individual Championship and Primary Team, Elementary Team and Jr. High team for Winning First Place in Team Championship.


• Rochelle Wu – Elementary (K-6)
• Rahul Boddupalli – Open Under 1000
• Sai Korrapati – Jr. High Under 800

• Sijing Wu – Jr. High K-8C
• Cooper McCombs – Open Under 1000

• Nikhitha Chintareddy – Jr. High Under 800
• Vikhram Balagee – Open K-12

• Maxwell Wainwright – Elementary Under 600
• Michael Kennedy – Primary (K-3)
• Parker Liu – Primary (K-3)
• Sedani Nagadowithana – Elementary (4-6)

• Noah Knight – Jr. High Under 800


FIRST PLACE – Primary K-3 Club
• Raghav Madabushi
• Michael Kennedy
• Parker Liu
• Cynthia Liu

FIRST PLACE – Elementary K-6 Club
• Rochelle Wu
• Kapil Nathan
• Sedani Nagadowithana
• Avanish Thota

FIRST PLACE – Jr. High K-9 Club
• Sijing Wu
• Riley Smith
• Sameer Sultan
• Krishin Yerabolu


Alabama Scholastic Chess Championships – March 2014

ChessKidsNation Chess Players had an Amazing and Outstanding performance at Alabama Scholastic Chess Championships at University of Montevallo on Saturday (March 15, 2014) and Sunday (March 16, 2014). 34 players from ChessKidsNation played in this tournament. Congratulations to all our players and special thanks to all the parents who made this event a GREAT SUCCESS. Our Players really worked very hard for the past several months and in particular last two weeks attending their daily practice sessions.

Our Special Congratulations to Samson Sands for winning the Co-Championship in Junior High (K-8) Section in Individual Championship. Also Our Special Congratulations to Junior High (K-9) Team Champions (Sijing Wu, Vikhram Balagee, Samson Sands, Colin Bamford) who set the record in Alabama Chess Federation history by winning all 16 games they played.


  • K – 3 Primary Section
  • Fifth Place – Rochelle Wu with 4 out of 5 points
  • K – 6 Elementary Section
  • Third Place – Rahul Boddupalli with 4 out of 5 points
  • Fourth Place – Labdhi Mehta with 4 out of 5 points
  • Fifth Place – Sijing Wu with 4 out of 5 points
  • K -8 (Junior High)
  • Co-Champion Samson Sands 3.5 out of 4 points
  • Fourth Place – Cesar Juarez 3.0 out of 4 points
  • K-12 (Open)
  • Fourth Place – Vikhram Balagee 2.5 out of 4 points


  • K – 3 Primary Section – ChessKidsNation Club Team – Second Place (Rochelle Wu, Harshil Mehta, Eshika Kudaravalli, and Maxwell Wainwright)
  • K – 9 Junior High Section – ChessKidsNation Club Team – First Place (Sijing Wu, Vikhram Balagee, Samson Sands, and Colin Bamford)
  • K – 9 Junior High Section – School Team Bumpus Middle School – First Place (Cesar Juarez, Prateek Yash Mishra, Joseph Jun, and Ravikiran Nataraj)


Sept 2012 Alabama Chess Champions

  1. Colin Bamford came First in Rooks Section
  2. Riley Smith came second in Knights Section

Vikhram Balagee came first in Reserve Section and won Cash Prize as well.


Year 2013

March 2013

Alabama Scholastic Chess Championship


         Primary Section (K-3) – Third Place – Vinay Yerramsetti

         Elementary Section (4 & 5) – Second Place – Sijing Wu

         Middle Section (6 & 7) – Second Place – Colin Bamford, Third Place – Samson Sands


Primary Section (K-3)

         FIRST PLACE (Harshil Mehta, Sarvagna Velidandla, Kapil Nathan, Eshika Kudaravalli)

Elementary Section (K-6)

         FIRST PLACE (Colin Bamford, Samson Sands, Jack Lin, Riley Smith)

Junior High Section (K-9)

         FIRST PLACE (Dhruval Gadhia, Sameer Sultan, Yash Mishra, Luke Cai, Ceasar Juaraz)

Open Section (K-12)

         FIRST PLACE (Jonathan Anders, Varun Yerramsetti, Vikhram Balagee, Joshua Anders)


Year 2011


2011 Alabama Scholastic Chess Championship

Team Championship

  • Primary K-3 – First Place
  • Primary K-3 – Third Place
  • Elementary K-6 – Second Place
  • Elementary K-6 – Third Place
  • Open K-12 – First Place

Individual Championship

  • Primary K-3 – First, Second Place
  • Middle School (6 & 7 Grades) – Second, Third Place
  • High (8 & 9 Grades) – First Place


Year 2010

Alabama State Chess Championship

    • Pawns Section – First, Second, Fourth and Fifth place
    • Knights Section – Fifth place

W J Christian Summer Challenge Chess Tournament

RATED Section

  • Team K-3 Section – First Place
  • Individual K-3 – First, Second and Third Place
  • Team K-6 Section – Second Place
  • Individual K-6 – Second, Fifth and Sixth Place
  • Individual K-9 – First Place
  • Team K-12 Section – First Place
  • Individual K-12 – First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Place


  • Team K-3 Section – Third Place
  • Team K-6 Section – Second Place
  • Individual K-6 – First Place

USCF Nationals 2010

11 Players Participation at USCF Nationals 2010

  • Individual K-3 U800 Rated – Tenth place


2010 Alabama Scholastic Chess Championship


  • Primary Team K-3 Section – First Place
  • Elementary Team K-6 Section – Second and Third Place
  • Junior High Team K-9 Section – First Place
  • Elementary Individual K-6 Section – First Place