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What are the Chess Programs conducted by ChessKidsNation?

We offer After School Programs, Group Classes, Individual Private Classes, Annual Chess Camps, Chess Simul, and Online Individual and Group Classes.

How does ChessKidsNation Online Chess Classes work?

Once you Sign-up, you will be asked to take an online FREE evaluation session. On completion of the online evaluation, you will be able to choose the Coach of your choice and convenient Timing. Once you choose your coach, you can make the payment through our secured website and then begin your online sessions with the Instructor using voice chat and Remote Desktop sharing software.

How Affordable is ChessKidsNation online Program?

ChessKidsNation Online coaching offers incredible value for the price for an hour-long session for students. Before the student join ChessKidsNation, we conduct a FREE online evaluation for the student. Our online coaches constantly monitor the progress of your child and will update you periodically. All students have access to our Online Chess Workouts with Parent access as well so the parents will be able to monitor the progress of their child anytime.

How experienced are your Chess Instructors?

Our Chess Instructors have years of chess coaching experience. We have chess Instructors for all levels and for all ages from beginners all the way to Experts. Our chess Instructors have been very successful in creating many Chess Champions. Most of our Chess Coaches are not only great in coaching but they are also active Chess Players. All our coaches have one thing in common ” How to make your child a Chess Champion”

What program does ChessKidsNation offer?

ChessKidsNation offers great chess programs with a very structured Chess Curriculum for all levels. Students are given weekly assignments. Students also have access to ChessKidsNation Online Chess Workouts for them to work on chess chapters at their own pace. You choose the coach based on your chess level, available time and personal preferences.

What is ChessKidsNation’s Mission and Vision?

ChessKidsNation focuses in both your long and short term chess goals. Whenever you are looking to prepare for an upcoming tournament or you are planning on gradually improving your game, our programs will accommodate both. ChessKidsNation is where “The Chess Champions come from”.
Is ChessKidsNation online payment safe?

Our website is very safe for making online payments. Our payment gateway is configured to ensure a secure communication between your internet-connected devices and our payment gateway servers. It is encrypted with 128-bit encryption through Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) and/or Transport Layer Security (TLS). Our Payment gateway encrypt all sensitive information that exists on its servers, never expose financial information during a transaction and your personal financial information is never stored on your computer, phone or tablet.

How do I contact ChessKidsNation?

You can contact us any time by sending us an email to Once you Sign up for our Weekly Classes, you will be provided a Contact Number for you to reach us. All your emails are responded within 24 hours.